Keeping His Word

To virtually no one’s surprise, the Attorney General announced that the President would end the DACA program after a 6 months extension.  The extension is to allow time for Congress to pass immigration reform, the appropriate (and legal) manner to deal with immigration issues.  Any applications already in the system will be processed, but no new applications will be accepted.  President Obama went beyond his Constitutionally granted powers in creating the program to begin with.   President Trump is not proposing that the “Dreamers” as they are called, be deported.  In fact the President is not recommended the deportation of any illegals unless they have broken the law.  Most experts in the field believe that the President’s actions are the correct ones.  Despite that the Left will demonstrate and possibly riot to show their displeasure of President Trump.  We can also expect the media to attack the President and thereby encourage Antifa to create chaos and violence in response to the President.  Just last week we have learned that in April 2016 both the FBI and Homeland Security identified Antifa as domestic terrorists.

To make matters worse, Obama says that he will post his disagreement with the President on social media.  Our President is attempting to follow the laws of the land, and not rewrite them to suit his fancy as Obama did.  Immigration policies are the responsibility of Congress and the President is deferring to them to “fix” the problem.  Considering the recent track record of this fractured Congress, I will be surprised if anything is accomplished.  Like every other major issue Congress will likely “kick the can down the road” once again.  Most problems, when neglected, only get worse.  Congress can no longer delay taking action on this and other issues.  The U.S. is open to immigrants but we simply can’t accept every person who wants enter this country.  We are a nation of laws, but laws that are drafted and passed by Congress.  Congress needs to roll up its collective sleeves and get to work.

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