Traitor Trump

President Trump has decided to work with Democrats and House Speaker Ryan is upset.  How about all the Republican base that is frustrated and upset with the Speaker?  He and his fellow Republican members of Congress have had 7 years to develop healthcare reform, change the tax code and comprise a plan to reduce the deficit.  Did they actually accomplish any of their “to do” list?  To be fair, the House did pass a healthcare bill, described as “Obamacare light” by Senator Rand Paul.  The Senate couldn’t even agree to continue debating their own Senate bill.  These people are being paid handsomely for doing nothing.  Now we are faced with a natural disaster and another on the horizon.  Congress needed to lift the federal deficit and appropriate funds to help Houston recover.  Since his own party can’t be counted on, the President works with the leading Democrats.  Everyone should be grateful that President Trump is willing to work with anyone for the good of Americans.  Yet his own party is critical of his actions.

This bipartisan agreement will hopefully lead to even more cooperation between the parties.  I am cautiously optimistic that perhaps we can move forward on issues that are important to the average American.   Donald Trump was elected because he wasn’t your typical politician and he had a reputation for getting things done.  I believe the President has shown everyone that he is a deal maker and cares about the American people.  If that is the definition of a traitor, then we need more traitors.

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