End of Time

This has been eventful meteorological year with historic storms, floods wildfires and even earthquakes.  The doomsayers are blaming climate change for the unusual constellation of weather disasters while others are looking to scripture for an explanation to what has been happening.  In fairness to the climate change enthusiasts there has been an increase in global temperatures and gradually rising sea level.  At the same time however some fresh water areas such as the Great Lakes have actually fallen.  It is impossible to say whether these changes are man-made or simply normal variations in the earth’s cycles.  Sea levels have actually been rising since the 1880’s and ocean waters have become slightly more acidic (presumably from rising atmospheric CO2 levels).  According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the number of hurricanes in recent years has been average or below average.  They were, however, predicting a higher than normal number this hurricane season.  I find it rather ironic that the Tampa professor who felt Hurricane Harvey was Karma for Texas is now getting his own dose of Karma from Hurricane Irma.  These disastrous storms are not punishment nor are they Armageddon.   More people are moving to southern coastlines and barrier islands.  Such development increases human and property losses.

The western wildfires are related to drought conditions and absence of fires in previous years.  Small fires clear dead debris from forest floors that serves as fuel for even the smallest of fires.  Eathquakes occur when stress along fault lines overcomes the friction that prevents plate movement.  All these natural disasters have simple explanations and are not a sign of the “end of days” or divine retribution.  The hysterical elites will never accept common sense when they can convince naive individuals otherwise.  We can’t prevent these catastrophic events but we can be prepared and survive nature’s worst.

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