Killer McCain

Once again it appears that John McCain is going to drive a stake into the heart of the Republican Party.  I believe that McCain revels in the role of renegade, someone who is unpredictable and goes his own way.  His standard reply when faced with a critical vote is, “I can’t in good conscience vote for the bill.”  McCain was labeled a “hero” by liberals for the death vote on the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare and will be cheered once again by Schumer and his crowd.  McCain has become the Republicans own worst enemy and appears to be living in a fantasy world.  He actually believes that Republicans and Dems can work together on an Obamacare replacement bill.  Perhaps working together was once possible, but the environment has become so toxic in Washington that this idea is wishful thinking.  Agreeing to bipartisanship on a replacement bill would be an admission that Obamacare has failed.  Other than raising the debt limit, the two parties haven’t agreed on much of anything.  The Graham-Cassidy bill may not be perfect, but it does attempt to decentralize healthcare.  The Dems have a totally different philosophy and want more government control of every aspect in our lives.  Healthcare, education and many other basic services are best implemented at the community level.  The bill was also co-authored by a physician who should know how best to operate the health industry.  Washington is inefficient and corrupt.  Sending our taxes to Washington is like throwing the money into a black hole, never to be seen again.  The prominent voices within the Democratic Party are pushing the country toward socialism with expanding Medicaid, free college tuition and the single payer, government sponsored healthcare.  A single payer, government run healthcare system does not promote efficiencies and reduced cost.  Estimates of the Bernie Sanders “Medicare for all” proposal would cost tens of trillions of dollars.  This is not even taking into account that innovation and medical research would dry up without the capitalististic incentives that come with new discoveries.

I have lost respect for Senator McCain in recent years.  He once displayed extreme loyalty to his fellow POWs in refusing special treatment and early release by the NVA (North Vietnamese Army).   His recent behavior, however, has not revealed the same loyalty to the American people and the Republican Party.  The Dems are like a chain who lock arms and act as one.  The Republicans seem to fight among themselves and commit political suicide on a regular basis.  John McCain has become one of the “poster children” for term limits.  When a legislator acts unreasonable and puts his own self-interests above those of his nation, then it is time for him/her to retire.  There are many “old horses” in Congress (from both parties) who should be put to pasture.  Old ideas and old ways of doing things have not worked.  Our healthcare outcomes rank behind many other nations.  Remember that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome.

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