Flag Politics

Donald Trump was elected president largely due to the fact that he seems to have his finger on the pulse of average Americans.  He has always been able to express the thoughts and emotions that most of us feel.  The President is unique in his disregard for political correctness and upsetting the status quo.  His comments in Huntsville, Alabama on Friday reflects the feelings of a substantial number of citizens.  When Colin Kaepernick first began his national anthem protest, it was an isolated event that had little impact on fan support.  The Kaepernick effect has since spread to other football players (including pee wee leagues) and other sports.   I think fans are finally getting fed up with this behavior and are beginning to take notice.  I wish someone could explain to me how disrespecting the flag and our national anthem is going to affect social change.  People do not turn to sports for political views or debates on social justice.  These rich, entitled athletes should be grateful for the freedoms they enjoy.  Few nations would grant the same spectrum of freedoms and pay them handsomely to play a game.  Yet these “stars” can’t even take two minutes of their precious time to stand and place a hand on their heart in honor of what our flag represents.  What message is this sending to youth who emulate (unjustifiably) these athletes.

Countless honorable men and women have sacrificed life and limb to preserve the very freedoms that these pampered athletes enjoy.  The flag and our national anthem represent the sacrifices of everyone who has taken up arms in defense of this nation.  Disrespecting the flag will never gain my support for ANY cause.  Protests on the field can alienate the fan base and eventually cost athletes dearly.  Thanks to all of those who have bravely defended the flag athletes do have the right to express their opinion on the field.  Fans also have the right to express their opinion by not attending games or watching them on television.  I was looking forward to this football season, but now it appears that I will be seeking other activities on Sunday afternoons.

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