Ever since he declared his candidacy, the media has attempted to portray Donald Trump as a racist.  His latest comments about kneeling for the national anthem is yet another situation in which the media is attempting to label the President.  The majority of professional football players are black and likewise the majority of anthem protests have been carried out by black athletes.  According to the media’s logic when the President complains about protests directed against our flag and national anthem he is revealing his racist tendencies.  Most Americans feel the flag is sacred and anyone who disrespects or destroys (by burning) it is personally attacking the soul of our nation.  I am equally angered by anyone who disrespects the flag, regardless of their skin color.  Americans have fought numerous wars from the Revolution to our current struggles in the Middle East in order to guarantee the freedoms represented by that flag.  Every American does have freedom of speech and the right to protest but disrespecting the flag and our national anthem before a sporting event is not the time or the place for protest.  Many athletes voiced the opinion that such protests were “unifying” teams and the country.  In reality these protests are having the opposite effect in the country and in locker rooms.  Teammates are torn between loyalty to the team and loyalty to their nation.

Social injustice is not perpetrated on inner city neighborhoods by police, but by politicians who have failed to provide educational opportunities and encouraged fatherless families through well-meaning social programs.  The real enemies of poor neighborhoods are the drug dealers and gangs who deprive inner city youth of better lives.  If these athletes really wish to make a difference they will work with communities and attack these problems in a constructive manner.   Protesting the flag and our national anthem will not achieve its intended purpose.  It will only alienate a substantial portion of the fan base and tarnish America’s most popular sport.

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