Swamp Casualty

Dr. Tom Price, the current Secretary of HHS resigned under pressure from the President and media regarding his numerous and costly chartered flights at taxpayer expense.  Dr. Price is not the first, and will likely not be the last, government official to abuse his position to requisition special favors from civilian and military sources.  The Secretary racked up over $400,000 in travel bills.  This was particularly troubling to a president who campaigned on Washington politics and special favors.  Also troubling to the President was the Secretary’s failure to get any of the Obamacare repeals through the Senate.  As a physician, Dr. Price should have been able to sell the plans effectively to the Senate.  President Trump has got to be frustrated since he is used to being in control and responsible for accomplishing his goals.  It is difficult to accomplish anything in the morass known as the Washington Swamp.  The President has high standards and even higher aspirations and few can meet his stringent requirements.  He has already lost a chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, chief strategist, national security adviser, deputy national security adviser, press secretary and FBI director.

We are now hearing reports regarding chartered flights for the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and even the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.  The new Chief of Staff, General Kelly is attempting to impose some military discipline on the White House staff, including the Cabinet.  He has ordered budget director Mick Mulvaney to review flight plans and limit expenses for transportation.  Donald Trump was elected to end these privileges and if the President has his way, such practices will end or those involved will hear his famous statement, “You’re fired.”

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