Lessons Learned

The killing field that was a Las Vegas concert is now the worst domestic shooting in history.  Although this was not an Islamic terrorist attack, it could easily have been one.  It is truly a sad day when we must consider any and all possible means of harming innocent individuals.  It was not rocket science for this crazed killer to simply break out a window and open fire on a mass of humanity with nowhere to hide.  How was he able to amass the cache of weapons and ammunition in a hotel room without the least bit of surveillance or public concern.  Despite Nevada being an “open carry” state, I do not have a problem with having metal detectors at all public entrances.  If you are legally able to carry a firearm then be willing to show your license.  No law-abiding gun owner would bring that many weapons to a single location unless he/she was intent on doing harm.  No sane person would reign Hell on innocent civilians.  Sadly, the audience sang “God Bless America” shortly before the massacre began.  The God that we honor as a nation, unfortunately grants us freedom of choice, even when that choice is evil over good.

The Left is predictably calling for gun control legislation and some in the media have even expressed the belief that Country/Western fans were “deserving” of such violence.  This type of statement sickens me, especially coming from the very same people who believe in the killing of innocent fetuses.  The self-righteous Left feel it is their duty to pass judgement on anyone who does not agree with their beliefs.  Stories of selflessness and heroism during the shooting revealed the underlying good in Americans and humanity in general.  We learn something with every act of terrorism, whether that be foreign or domestic terrorism.  The lessons learned from Las Vegas will hopefully prevent future victims of such heinous behavior.   One of the strengths of Christianity is the belief that death is not to be feared for there is a better world awaiting believers.

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