Return to Sanity

The recent events in Las Vegas have once again initiated a debate on gun restrictions.  Most gun owners despise liberal attempts to restrict firearm use.  The current debate is focusing on a device known as a bump stock.  This device essentially places pressure on a firearm trigger so that the trigger can be pressed continuously.  This converts a trigger-operated semi-automatic weapon into an “automatic” weapon that can discharge multiple rounds of ammunition in seconds.  Automatic weapons have been outlawed for many years, however converting a weapon to fire continuously is not illegal.  Even the military refrains from using automatic weapons except in war zones.  Automatic weapons are not used for hunting because it is not possible to accurately aim an automatic weapon.  Its effectiveness lies in the ability to spray a wave of rounds in the direction of an object (or individual) with the understanding that perhaps a single (or multiple) round(s) will strike the target.  There is no reasonable argument for the average citizen to own an automatic weapon, whether that be an original or converted weapon.  Steven Paddock had multiple converted weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his hotel room.  For some unknown reason, he was intent on inflicting as much harm on innocent concert goers as possible.  President Trump accurately labeled his behavior as “pure evil.”

Anyone who knows me or has read my posts, understands that I am a staunch conservative and have been an NRA member for many years.  The right to own and use firearms is at the foundation of this nation and of our Constitution.  I own a number of rifles and handguns and enjoy target practice.  I served in the military and have learned to respect all firearms.  There is a time when their use may be required and I want to be prepared for any situation that would call for the defense of my country or my family.   I am calling for bipartisan support to outlaw the production and sale of bump stocks and any other devices that can be used to create a makeshift automatic weapon.  Most gun laws do not prevent crime or senseless violence, but this type of law could limit the damage that a lunatic could inflict.  This would be a common sense approach and a return to sanity for everyone.

One thought on “Return to Sanity”

  1. Sooooo, stats show that over 50 people die in Chicago EVERY MONTH!! Do we ever hear about that??? Democratic Mayor so you won’t hear about that in the media. Those killings, BTW, are usually not from assault weapons. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and you see the results. New laws only work for people who follow the laws. Besides, look at the other mass murders here in our country the last few years – using fertilizer, pressure cookers, planes, etc. We gonna ban those too?? Nice try but I’m not sure it’s that simple. As for good ideas that might help, how about we go deeper than a focus on the weapon. How about bringing back some morals to this country – bringing our kids up in a home that prays at meal time, how about a family that eats together sans their smart phones, how about bringing back spankings in schools (I survived) and bringing back prayer in schools. How about standing up to the ACLU and bringing back a manger scent on the courthouse lawn. I think the troubles in this country involve more than taking away a gun.


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