The War on Guns

Congressional Democrats have launched their latest attack on our right to bear arms as granted by the Constitution.  In the early days of our nation a weapon (usually a rifle) was as essential to life as food and water.  The earliest Americans lived under the constant threat from sometimes hostile native Americans, criminals and even the British army.  We would have never emerged as a independent, thriving nation without the ability to defend ourselves and families.  Guns were such an integral part of our society that it was included in the Bill of Rights, second only to freedom of speech.  Long before the establishment of the NRA (National Rifle Association) most Americans could only be separated from their firearms through death.   Today every time there is some sort of horrific murder of innocent civilians, there is an outcry from the Left to limit our access to firearms.  Over the years regulation of handguns and rifles has become increasingly burdensome on “legal” gun owners.  What the Left will never learn is the fact that criminals or those intent on harming others will always be capable of arming themselves.  If terrorists or criminals find it too difficult to obtain appropriate firearms, they will resort to other means.  Terrorists know they can kill more civilians with bombs, trucks or airplanes.  Bomb-making materials can be ordered online and delivered to your home and instructional videos are available on U-Tube.  It will never be possible to end all murderous mass killings.  We need a vigilant populace (willing to be politically incorrect) and an armed society who can protect themselves and others.

Gun control legislation has not worked in states and cities such as Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C.  Murder rates in those cities are sky-high despite strict gun laws.  Most handguns used in shootings are not obtained “legally.”  Background checks won’t work if the person carrying the weapon never went through such a screening.  Unregistered weapons are also continuously coming into the U.S. through our porous southern border.  Criminals can only be deterred if they fear that their victims are armed and willing to fight back.  We see this many times when business owners and others refuse to be victimized and are prepared for battle.  I feel there is greater risk to inaction than action.   I’ve always liked the bumper sticker that reads, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!”

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