Child’s Play

Nancy Pelosi is threatening to “shut down the government” if the Dems don’t get their way with DACA and immigration reform.  Clint Eastwood made famous the expression, “Make my day!”  In past years it was always the Republicans who threatened to shut down the government over legislative or budgetary principles.  They (Republicans) always seem to get blamed for every misstep in Congress.  For once it is the Dems who are playing the “my way or the highway” approach.   I guess the Dems didn’t learn anything from the harsh backlash given to the Republicans over previous government closures.  Obama intentionally made an effort to hurt the average citizen over the last shutdown.  I recall the last true government shutdown in 1997 when most “non-essential” government employees were furloughed for two weeks only to be returned with full back pay and no deduction of vacation time or sick leave.  Our federal government is one big joke being played on the taxpayers while our Senators and Representatives act like children.  The Dems are acting like children this time in hopes of getting what they want.  President Trump ran on a platform of border security and immigration reform and these are high priority concerns to most Americans.  The Dems are intent on blocking construction of a border wall at all costs.  In border areas where a wall already exists, border crossings are extremely low.   Border security is necessary not simply to prevent illegal immigration.  One of the primary goals of our border security agents is to stop the flow of illegal drugs, guns and human trafficking.

Everyone agrees that immigration reform is long overdue.  President Trump has consulted many knowledgeable individuals to develop common sense approaches to correct problems in the current laws.  It would be to everyone’s benefit to if we had sensible yet passionate laws in place.  Immigrants built this nation, but today’s world is a different place from past decades and centuries.  We now live in a world where terrorists are looking for any opportunity to do us harm and vigilance includes closely regulating our flow of immigrants.  Child’s play is over and it is time to get serious.

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