It Ain’t Over

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that ALL players will stand for the national anthem.  Amazing how the commissioner found religion when the NFL television ratings nosedived over the flag controversy.  To use the famous quote of Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over till its over.”  I predict that this protest issue has not been settled.  I predict Black Power fists held high during the anthem or some other form of defiance.  Players have a sense of power and entitlement and likely feel exempt from the Commissioner’s orders.  Donald Trump understands the average citizen better than any politician I have ever seen.  When the President speaks he is literally speaking for us all.  Most of us are fed up with athletes acting like spoiled brats.  Disrespecting the flag was the “final straw” for everyone.  The flag is sacred to veterans and a symbol of comfort and safety to most civilians.  NFL players picked the wrong way to protest social injustice and have likely hurt their cause rather than rallying support.   I don’t know what it is like to experience life through the eyes of a black man but these same individuals haven’t experienced life through the eyes of a police officer.  When you have a target on your back you may respond differently to a threatening situation.  If players are truly concerned with social issues, they should become involved in their communities and work toward solutions.  If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

I honestly believe that the actions of the Commissioner are too little, too late.  I will not be watching any NFL this year (and perhaps ever).  Even if players suddenly begin standing, I now know how they feel about the flag and our nation.  I will never support their exorbitant salaries when these athletes have nothing but contempt for America.  “Love it or leave it” still applies and if they are unhappy with American justice then they are welcome to try the type of justice handed down in the Middle East  or Russia.

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