Nuclear Iran

The media is predictably attacking President Trump for his unwillingness to “recertify” the Iran deal.  The JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was President Obama’s signature foreign policy accomplishment.  Secretary of State John Kerry was instructed to obtain a nuclear agreement with Iran at any cost to the U.S. and its allies.  Obama did little to hide his contempt of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu.  The agreement with Iran was a sellout of Israel and provided a path for Iran to develop nuclear weapons.  Iran has vowed to destroy Israel and funds terrorism around the world.  Despite the fact that Iran is the leading sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East, the JCPOA awarded the Iranians billions of dollars in sanctions relief and pallets of unmarked bills in the dead of night.  The Obama Administration hasn’t learned that it’s impossible to buy good behavior.  It didn’t work with Hitler, with the Kim family in North Korea and will not work in Iran.  The agreement permits Iran to continue nuclear enrichment and actually provides a timetable for them to become a member of the nuclear family.  Since Obama declared the JCPOA was an agreement rather than a treaty, it didn’t require  Congressional review.  Had this lopsided agreement been subject to debate and Senate approval, it would likely have been rejected.

While our European allies feel the agreement should continued I am in full agreement with the President’s actions.   I and many others feel this was a bad deal from the onset.  The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Administration) is prevented from inspecting military sites where weapons development may be taking place.  Sites that are inspected are done on an announced schedule and under Iranian supervision.  Iran continues to test intercontinental ballistic missiles in defiance of the JCPOA.   Obama and Kerry gave away the store in an attempt to foster a foreign policy legacy of peace through appeasement.   The President has delegated Congress (where such policy should originate) to come up with alternative solutions to the agreement.   I fear that with Iran and North Korea there is no diplomatic solution.  The difference with these two rogue nations as compared to the other members of the nuclear family is their open threats to the civilized world.

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