Hypocrisy Gone Wild

The morally bankrupt Hollywood elitists are “shocked and dismayed” by the behavior of one of their own.  We are gradually learning the breath and depth of sexual abuse at the hands of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.  Where were these “holier than thou” West Coast critics years ago?  I imagine they were cashing in on the free money Harvey Weinstein handed out as hush money like Halloween candy.  Everyone in the movie industry was aware of Harvey Weinstein’s activities for many years.  Yet they chose to look the other way assuming it to be the status quo in Hollywood.  If you want a certain role in a movie or television series you sleep with the producer or director.  Now those who were aware of the Weinstein Chronicles are acting shocked and horrified.  Mind you these are the same self-righteous, egotistical people who tell Middle America how to act and what to think.  Conservative Christians make up the bulk of Middle America and Hollywood would be wise to take some lessons from them.  “Fly over” country could provide a moral compass for Hollywood if they were so inclined to listen.  Middle America still respects the institution of marriage, protects unborn life in the womb and stands for the American flag.

Five days after the Weinstein story broke, Hillary finally denounced his behavior as immoral.  Perhaps it took her that long to overcome her own sense of hypocrisy knowing that her husband was one of the worst sexual predators in political history.  She spoke about the bravery of Weinstein’s victims to come forward and how this type of behavior is unacceptable.  Apparently Hillary has a short memory because she destroyed the reputations of her husband’s victims when they came forward.   This type of abusive behavior is not unique to Hollywood or the movie industry.  It is never acceptable to look away and act as if these acts didn’t happen.  What I find most objectionable in this instance is Hollywood’s willingness to criticize others when they can’t keep their own house in order.  “Let he amongst you that be without sin, cast the first stone.”

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