Hate Hysteria

The media is so filled with hatred for President Trump that they will grasp any story, regardless of its validity, if it casts Donald Trump in a negative light.  A Democratic Congresswoman from Florida, Frederica Wilson, went directly to the network known for yellow journalism, CNN, to say that the President was disrespectful to the widow of a fallen Green Beret soldier.  This individual is an obvious Trump hater and heard what she wanted to hear of the conversation between the President and the widow.  This president has been the most openly pro-military service member of any president in my lifetime.  I find it hard to believe that President Trump would be less than grateful to the contributions of all these soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our flag and freedoms.  Hopefully someone in the White House can verify what was said by the President, but these calls are not mandatory and done only out of respect to the fallen and surviving family members.  I’m sure CNN and the other media outlets wish to make this a racial issue since they’ve continued to label President Trump as racist without any objective evidence to substantiate those accusations.

Representative Wilson emphasized that the President said the deceased “knew what he signed up for.”  Our armed forces today are strictly voluntary.  Everyone who enters the military does so willingly with the knowledge that their service could end in death or disability.  We do this because the price of freedom for all Americans is worth such sacrifice.  If the President did indeed make such a statement, I would not find it offensive.  All veterans are willing to lay down his/her life for our nation.  Freedom is not free; it comes at great cost to its soldiers, sailors and airmen.  If anyone should be accused of disrespect it is the media (especially CNN) for capitalizing on a soldier’s death to attack someone they hate.  These fools in the media need therapy, their hatred for our President is pathologic!

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