Promise Kept

The media is continuing to attack President Trump over what was or wasn’t said to military family members.  The President is not obligated to speak to surviving family members when an active duty member is killed.  Many times representatives of the President are given the responsibility of informing families of their loss.  Any family should be honored if the President personally spoke with them, regardless how personal that message was.  Knowing the many responsibilities of the office of the presidency, they should also understand if the President was unable to speak with them.  General Kelly, whose Marine son was killed in action, was never called by President Obama after his son’s death.  Never in my lifetime has such an issue been made over presidential calls to families.  While focusing on such a non-essential topic, the media is ignoring the fact that the President has kept yet another campaign promise, the defeat of ISIS.   Coalition forces successfully drove ISIS out of the declared ISIS capital of Raqqa.  ISIS has all but been decimated by U.S. led coalition forces.  The coalition effort to defeat ISIS was accelerated under President Trump who allowed commanders in the field to make key battlefield decisions.  Obama had previously tied the hands of field officers and placed senseless “rules of engagement” that limited the ability of our forces.  The barbaric actions of ISIS did not adhere to any sense of decency and thus it was unreasonable to believe that we should not be more aggressive in our approach.

We have driven ISIS out of Iraq and Syria, killing an estimated 60,000-70,000 ISIS members in the process since 2014.  Surviving ISIS members are looking to other terrorist groups to continue their caliphate.  The terrorist ideology will not be eliminated as easily and we must be vigilant for more terror activities at home and abroad.   Regardless what CNN and other networks are saying in their latest “Trump Attacks” our President is a strong supporter of the military and their families.  America is strong and free thanks to the contributions of our military members and families.  We are and always will be the “Home of the free, because of the brave.”

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