The Real Story

I can remember hearing Paul Harvey’s commentaries and how he would always finish each with the expression, “Now you know the rest of the story.”  The Russian collusion investigation (costing taxpayers millions of dollars) has yet to find a connection between President Trump and Russian authorities.  What has been discovered is that the FBI had previously uncovered extensive U.S. involvement by Russian nuclear industry officials prior to the infamous partial sale of Uranium One to Russia.  Bribes, kickbacks and even extortion was found through emails, secret recordings and financial records disclosed by a Russian insider.  This was known as early as 2009; the question is whether the information was given to the DOJ or the White House.  While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State some $145 million was “donated” to the Clinton Foundation by Russia.  Mysteriously Russia received several favorable decisions from the Obama Administration.  Both DOJ Chief Eric Holder and Secretary of State Clinton were members of the Committee on Foreign Investments at the time of the proposed partial sale of Uranium One (and its uranium supplies).  The committee unanimously approved the sale of this company to Rosatom, a large Russian nuclear industry company.   As a result of the sale Russia gained control of 20% of our uranium supplies.

The FBI had gathered evidence indicating that the primary Russian official overseeing this sale was involved in illegal actions back in 2009.  If the FBI and other agencies were aware of these activities why was this sale allowed to proceed?  The failure to intervene in 2010 has placed our national security at risk.  Oddly enough several of the agents who knew of these bribes, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe and Robert Moeller are now playing important roles in the Trump Collusion investigation.  There is no possible connection between Donald Trump and Russian officials that compares to the magnitude of giving Russia 20% of our uranium supplies for a $145 million dollar donation.  As Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

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