Swamp Casualties

Senator Jeff Flake has announced that he will not seek re-election in his own embattled state of Arizona.  Flake joins another establishment Senator, Bob Corker who has decided to “retire” in Tennessee.  The two Senators have “chosen” to retire rather than face the likelihood that they may not be re-elected to another term.  Both Senators have been extremely critical of the President for his style and unorthodox approach to governing.  Donald Trump was elected because average citizens are sick and tired of “politics as usual.” Politicians have always made promises on the campaign trail and then failed to follow through on those promises.  Thus far President Trump gets high marks for attempting to keep his promises and the disappointment lies with Congress.  Trump is a true Action Character who says what he means and means what he says.  Politicians are accustomed to playing nicely with each other but Trump calls out politicians for failure to achieve his lofty goals.  Critics fault him for not giving more “direction” to Congress on exactly what he wants.  The President doesn’t write bills and I don’t fault him for Congress’s ineptitude.  Average citizens blame the Congress (specifically the Senate) for failure to pass health care not the President.   Senators Flake and Corker will not be the only lawmakers to suffer if this trend continues.

President Trump is not a politician and is certainly not familiar with typical Washington protocol.  He uses twitter to overcome the overwhelming negative media coverage and to respond to negative comments from his own party.  This president is fighting battles on many fronts and does not need sniping from members of his own party.  Steve Bannon is correct that many of the Establishment Republicans need to be ousted and some are beginning to see the writing on the wall.  President Trump is unconventional and was elected president for that very reason.  Congress needs to stop fighting Trump and take care of their own business.  If they don’t start passing some legislation the 2018 elections could be bloody!

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