Masters of Deceit

Thanks to a confidential informant we have learned that it was actually the Democrats who were guilty of “Russian collusion”  during the 2016 Presidential campaign.  The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid Fusion GPS over $12 million to find dirt on then presidential nominee Donald Trump.  The false narrative they generated was enough to convince Congress to authorize an independent counsel to investigate President Trump and his associates.  It has also come to light that the special counsel, Robert Moeller was complicit in much of the coverup regarding the dossier and other Clinton dealings.  Our top law enforcement agency has severely damaged its credibility as an independent, apolitical agency.  Other top ranking FBI officials, namely Rod Rosenstein and James Comey have their fingerprints on the Democratic shenanigans.  To no one’s surprise, the Clinton campaign chairman, the DNC chairperson and the candidate herself deny knowing anything about the paynents to Fusions GPS.  I find it hard to believe that the Dems are so awash in money that they don’t know where $12 million dollars has gone.  I think that denial is the Democratic equivalent to lying.  I have said on many occasions that Hillary has lied so much that she no longer knows the truth.  Fortunately it appears that a Republican Congress is not going to look away from this deception.

The Moeller investigation is issuing its first indictment, but I’m sure it will not be against the President.  Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted with an investigation based on a bunch of lies.  Trump didn’t need help from the Russians to beat Hillary.  She was an overconfident, arrogant candidate who believed she was heir to the presidency.  The Russia collusion story was a diversion by the Dems to hide the fact that they were the party guilty of Russian collusion.  The Dems are not very good at managing money if they can’t recall spending $12 million.  Thank goodness they don’t have control of the Executive branch of government.


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