Dying for Faith

Our nation is faced with yet another senseless tragedy, the killing of 26 Americans who were worshiping their Creator yesterday.  We can expect the typical response from liberals for gun control.  President Obama has already made a reference to limiting weaponry.  Many of those with a more conservative nature are trying to understand how a just God could allow decent people to be slaughtered in His house of worship.  Life on earth is a continuous battle between the forces of good and evil.  As with any battle there will be casualties; death doesn’t discriminate with respect to good people vs evil people.  It doesn’t limit casualties to adults either; children and even the unborn are sometimes lost.  Faith involves trusting in the Lord and accepting whatever comes our way knowing that salvation ultimately awaits us.  Churches are the ultimate “soft target” with large numbers of densely packed people confined by pews.  Most churches have limited exits that are often difficult to reach in an emergency.  In the days of the Roman Empire, the  persecution of Christians did not stop the spread of Christianity.  Non-believers were actually amazed by the courage and commitment that believers had in the face of death.  Attacks on churches will never halt religious worship, but perhaps certain safety measures need to be instituted.

Churches must not be “gun free” zones that are perfect targets for deranged individuals.  The presence of law enforcement near church entrances could deter or stop an armed intruder.  Alternately designated members of the congregation who can legally carry weapons (and have the ability to use them) could be stationed at entrances.  Allowing all permit-carrying church members to bring their handguns to services would also serve as a deterrent.  We can’t prevent the overt expression of evil against innocent individuals.  The realities of today, however, impose upon us a need to be aware of our surroundings and the possibility of an attack in any form.  We should not fear death but at the same time we must not be easy prey for those who would harm us.

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