Dem Debacle

After nearly 10 months of investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his large team of Democratically-biased lawyers have yet to find any Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential election.  This is little surprise to Trump or those who supported him because Clinton lost the election on her own.  She was unwilling to do the leg work in such states as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to win those states.  Add to that her gross incompetence in handling classified material and her inability to tell the truth, and the average American could not bring themselves to vote for her.  Even her appeal as a woman was not enough to convince most women to pull her lever in the voting booth.  As we are learning from Donna Brazile, most (if not all) of the Russia collusion actually took place between with the Clinton campaign and DNC.   It has been revealed by another reliable source that Clinton and the DNC funded a Russian dossier falsely accusing the Trump Team of Russian cooperation.  Senator Diane Feinstein, a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, told CNN’s Jake Tapper that NO EVIDENCE has been found to this point linking the Trump campaign with the Russians.  Feinstein even squashed the notion that the leaked DNC emails were given to Team Trump by the Russians.  The only indictments made thus far were unrelated to the campaign, although Paul Manafort was briefly Trump’s campaign manager.  The actions of Mr. Manafort that have been indicted were committed years before his connection to the Trump campaign.

Mr. Mueller’s investigators are going down an empty rabbit hole when blatant illegal activity was committed by Hillary Clinton and members of her team.  We learned today that James Comey’s original summary statement on the Clinton email investigation was altered prior to presenting it to the American public.  In referring to Clinton’s handling of classified information on her personal server, Comey wrote her behavior was “grossly negligent.”  Such a statement would have incriminated Clinton therefore he changed the wording to “extremely careless,” thus allowing her to avoid prosecution.  The Obama Administration, including the FBI, was characterized by unethical (and often illegal) dealings.  A special counsel investigation into that administration would provide a bountiful harvest for the courts to digest.  Knowing the judicial system is still stacked with Obama appointees, I wonder how fair would be the outcome.

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