Dems Win Big?

The Dems are celebrating the election results yesterday in which they won two state Governor races.  Both states, New Jersey and Virginia went for Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election and were expected to elect Democratic governors.  In New Jersey the race was lopsided with strong backlash directed at Chris Christie and his two terms in the state capitol.  Virginia was a tighter race and Ed Gillespie closed a large gap in the final weeks of the campaign.  Gillespie was a moderate, establishment Republican who rejected President Trump’s support and received no campaign visits from the President or Vice-President.  Apparently he feared backlash from Trump’s remarks in the aftermath of the Charlottesville debacle.  Ralph Northam, on the other hand, had personal appearances from Obama and Biden.  Gillespie did receive votes from rural Virginia but was overwhelmed by Democratic support in the urban areas of Washington D.C., Richmond and Norfolk.  Virginia has become increasing blue in recent years.  That is likely the result of its proximity to the Washington D.C. area and influence of federal dollars pouring into the state.  Obama managed to push liberalism into all branches of the government, particularly the judicial branch.  Liberal judges have hindered nearly every Trump initiative to increase national security.

The media and many Democrats are elated with the election results, believing that this represents a rejection of President Trump and his agenda.  Chuck Schumer is even attempting to use the results as leverage in the tax reform debate.  I would not be so quick to count these victories as any indication that voters are unhappy with our President.  The stock market has steadily climbed and unemployment has steadily fallen during President Trump’s short term in office.  The mid-term elections are a long way off and much can happen between now and then.  The President has already demonstrated that he is strong on foreign policy.  If he is able to extract concessions from North Korea and improve our balance of trade with China and Japan the Republicans will be in a strong position at the mid-term elections.  If Republicans can eventually achieve tax reduction and healthcare reform the Republicans will be in a commanding position at the mid-terms and will likely gain seats in both Houses of Congress.  My message to the Dems is, “celebrate now because your November 7 results may be shallow victories.”

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