Taking Credit

Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election exactly one year ago.  For the past ten months we’ve heard a litany of excuses as to why she lost.  All of those excuses put the blame on someone other than herself.  She devised enough excuses to write a 500 page book titled, “What Happened.”  We did see or hear much from her during these past 10 months other than some appearances on late night talk shows and Sunday political programs.  Despite her unwillingness to accept any blame for her inability to “close the deal” with respect to the election, she has not ruled out another shot at the top spot.  Since no one candidate has emerged from the Democratic ranks at this point, I believe she is still hoping for another run at president.  Now we have two elections for Governor races in which the Democratic candidate won.  These wins were not unexpected yet Hillary has suddenly re-appeared on the networks claiming credit for their wins.  So when the party loses she is not to blame, on the other hand when there are victories she is out front taking credit.   It is remarkable how a few predictable Democratic victories turned her somber mood into elation and smiles.  Where was she when the Dems lost 4 special elections?  The Georgia defeat was particularly humiliating because of the huge sums of money thrown at that specific race by the Dems.  Each of those special elections were touted as a reflection of Trump’s approval/disapproval ratings.   Little was said by the Dems or the media when the Republican won in each race.

If Hillary feels that she is the best the Dems have to offer in 2020 their party will be looking at 4 more years in which to seek scapegoats.  There is an old expression, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  The Democratic party should be shamed for abandoning the working class American.  My father was a loyal Democratic voter when candidates like John F. Kennedy supported workers and pushed for tax cuts to the middle class.  If the Congressional investigators have their way, Hillary might possibly be in jail in 2020.  No one deserves to be there more than her!  If the Dems continue to ignore the working class they will see fewer victories in 2018 and 2020.

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