CMA Defection

Country music has traditionally been a bastion of conservative thought and behavior.  The 51st CMA music awards this year stooped to the same low level that the Hollywood elite have occupied for the past year.  Hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley opened the show by saying they were instructed to be “nonpolitical.”  They then promptly went into political attacks on the President.  When it comes to Hollywood, they seldom show respect for anyone outside of their “elite” circle of friends.  Obama was popular with the Hollywood set but then Obama’s smooth talking style was in sync with the movie industry.  Trump’s approach is much more blue-collar and occasionally laced with 4-letter words.  That blue-collar speech and behavior is more readily accepted by the average American.  Trump has a knack for knowing what is on the minds of average citizens as if he was one of them.  I am personally sick of the media and the arrogant Left criticizing everything the President says and does.  Trump is uniquely keeping his campaign promises and trying to restore America as the leader of the free world.  Obama spent 8 years apologizing for America’s accomplishments and place in the world.  We are not perfect as a nation but America has never intentionally exploited other nations.  In times of crisis America has always been ready to assist those in need.  It was heartening to once again hear our President praise America and defend our role as leader of the free world.

I’ve always felt that the country music world was different from much of the entertainment industry.  They often sang of God and patriotism and rarely did their music include profanity or disrespect for women.  Instead of having the courage to publicly display their conservative values, they have fallen in line with other elitists who believe they alone know what is best for America.  I have even seen the disgusting act of kneeling after singing the national anthem.  By attacking Trump and the strong America he promotes, country music has lost my respect and support.  I will never back down from supporting my country and my flag; anyone who doesn’t feel the same can move on.

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