Russia Psychosis

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his heavily biased team of experts have yet to find any collusion between Team Trump and the Russians.  Despite a lack of evidence the Leftest media sees Russians around every corner and view President Trump as some sort of double agent.  The Russians and Putin mus be responsible for the 2016 election results because Trump was not a legitimate candidate.  If the media and Dems can make the Russians their scapegoat, that absolves them of their incompetence.  The 2016 election results were due to the fact that Hillary ignored the working class, a group that once was the sole domain of the Democratic party.  In their latest attempt to link the President with Russian President Putin came on Trump’s recent Asia trip when Putin denied any involvement in the 2016 election.  The President did not say he believed Putin but that Putin himself believed they did not meddle in our election.  John Brennan, the previous Director of CIA, stated that Putin was playing Trump.  President Trump has interacted with more world leaders (even before winning the presidency) than Brennan could ever dream of.  Donald Trump, businessman, knows how to play executives (and world leaders) and is the ultimate deal-maker.  He correctly feels it is to no one’s benefit to confront Putin and call him a liar.  Sean Hannity of Fox News had it correct when he stated that the Left has a Russia Psychosis over their delusional connection between Trump and the Russians.

This Asia trip, as with his previous Middle East trip, has been a huge success and  restored America as a trusted world leader.  Instead of apologizing for America’s accomplishments, the current president is strengthening our position with our allies and adversaries.  The deployment of 3 aircraft carrier groups off the waters of North Korea is an indication that no one will dictate terms of war and peace to the U.S.  President Trump is in his element with foreign policy where he is less restricted and frustrated by the media and Congress.  I sleep much better knowing Trump is in the White House instead of “crooked Hillary.”

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