Sex Scandals

After the Harvey Weinstein revelations sexual abuse has been a prominent topic in the news.  Every day new allegations are appearing concerning prominent people who used their money, status and power to make sexual advances (and assaults in some cases) on others.  Most, if not all, of the victims felt powerless to protest and were silenced in one way or another.  Silence on the part of some of the abused was “purchased” by wealthy abusers.  Others were likely ridiculed and made to feel that no one would believe them when it was “he said, she said.”  Perhaps some find these allegations difficult to believe, but sexual desires are powerful motivators.  From the time of creation such acts of abuse and assault have undoubtedly occurred.  I’m amazed how the media and others are acting very self-righteous when a percentage of them have likely done some questionable acts themselves.  There needs to be consequences for abusers found guilty of their behavior, but many times there is little to no evidence.  I’m not defending anyone but when it comes to sexual abuse, those accused are presumed guilty before any evidence or confessions are seen.  I applaud Senator Al Franken for admitting his mistakes although not for his behavior.

We are learning that politicians are among the worst offenders.  It is a known fact that interns in Congress are often subjected to unwanted advances by members of Congress.  This has been taking place for many years but I, for one, have never heard about it.  There is a $5 million dollar slush fund to pay individuals who make accusations against Congressional members to keep them quiet.   Al Franken has suggested that he be investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee.  Although this sounds wonderful to a gullible public, the Senate Ethics Committee has “investigated” over 600 such cases and has never sanctioned any Senator.  Seems that the “ethics” committee is a cruel joke on the voters.  I have said before that our government is an aristocracy where those in Congress are the upper class and enjoy a “country club” type of atmosphere in Washington.  They have their own health care, retirement and NUMEROUS additional perks.  They receive countless “gifts” from lobbyists and groups pushing a given issue.  Contracts are not awarded on merit but by whoever does a better “selling” job.  I always admired Harry Truman for his honesty and speaking his mind.  One of his famous quotes was, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.”

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