Crime Pays

U.S. District Court judge William Orrick blocked the Trump Administration from withholding federal funds to Sanctuary cities.  The reason for the judge’s decision is that this action is unconstitutional.  If the judge is so concerned over constitutional law than where is his concern with non-citizens who have broken the laws of our Constitution on more than one occasion?  The first criminal act was entering the U.S. without a Visa or other legal status.  Those who entered the U.S. without permission have essentially committed a crime, however the Administration is not wishing to deport these individuals.  The members of ICE are targeting non-citizens from other countries (primarily Mexico and Central America) who commit crimes while living in the U.S.  Many illegals are law-abiding members of the community in which they live.  They work in their communities, send their children to local schools and a sizable number of them pay taxes.  Those illegals who choose to commit crimes and intimidate their neighborhoods are being targeted by this Administration for deportation.  Law-abiding illegals within the community are reluctant to report crimes to the police.  They believe that remaining quiet to these criminal acts allow them to “fly under the radar” of local authorities.  By not reporting these crimes they are making themselves more vulnerable to crimes and violence from these thugs.

The liberal media and local politicians have made the plight of illegals their moral crusade and want to make their cities (and in some cases states) sanctuary cities.  By declaring themselves to be a “sanctuary” they refuse to cooperate with federal authorities when an illegal immigrant breaks the law.  Acting through ICE this Administration only wishes to deport illegals who have broken additional laws.  By not detaining an illegal criminal local officials are making their communities more dangerous by permitting these criminals to remain in the area.  The federal funds in question are usually to help local law enforcement with equipment and training.  I agree that local law enforcement should not be rewarded with federal money if they are not cooperating with federal agencies.  Judge Orrick has been a big-time donor to the Democrats and is obviously biased in his decision.  Our judiciary has leaned over backwards to protect criminals and by doing so has made law enforcement more difficult and dangerous.  A top priority of the Trump Administration should be to replace federal district judges as quickly as possible.  Judges like this are obstructing justice rather than administering it.

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