Safe? Zone

Universities and college campuses have become zones of liberal intolerance.  Professors teach a blend of socialism and fascism in which ideas other than their own are condemned and attacked.  Universities originally were places where ideas were exchanged and information was learned.  In recent years there has been a quantum leap from learning institutions to institutions of indoctrination.  Liberalism is the umbrella that encompasses college campuses.  Students who express ideas that do not conform to those liberal principles are derided and physically attacked.  Students denounce a fascist President but their environment is the very definition of fascism.  One of the primary principles of fascism is social regimentation and the forcible suppression of opposition.  Conservative speakers are either not allowed to speak on campus or thousands of dollars are spent for additional security.  Now the Brooklyn College in New York City is banning police from the campus.  Police make them uncomfortable and they become frightened at the very sight of a police officer.  Heaven forbid should these snowflakes be fearful.    It is inexcusable for a college or university president to permit such policies.  What would happen if the college president and students were to face an active shooter or a terrorist on campus.  They would be the first to dial 911 and ask for a police presence.  It is like saying you are anti-military until your country faces an invasion force or nuclear annihilation.  These students and radical professors need to grow up and create the learning atmosphere that higher education was intended to provide.

Campuses were once the “moral conscience” of our society where students were free of the social constraints that limited their parents.  Protests were always commonplace on campuses and such protests sometimes enlightened those in power.  Many times college students are able to elicit beneficial change.  It was college protests that awakened American society to the insanity and immorality of the Vietnam war.  If students of higher education think that society will cater to their every fear and demand, they are in for a huge surprise.  It frightens me to think that these are our future leaders.  Heaven help us.

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