Rocket Man

Kim Jong Un has accomplished another of his goals in the quest to become a true nuclear power.  The North Korean scientific community mastered nuclear fission and then proceeded to build and test increasingly powerful atomic bombs.  Despite predictions that NOK was years away from conquering the fusion process, Kim surprised the world by detonating an apparent thermonuclear device (H-bomb).  This type of weapon is thousands of times more potent than a simple atomic bomb and relies on nuclear fusion to generate enormous amounts of heat and energy.  It is believed that our sun and all the other “stars” in the universe are giant fusion-type reactions.  Kim has threatened to explode such a device in the atmosphere creating a tremendous electromagnetic surge that could disrupt our entire electrical grid.  For whatever reason I still don’t believe that China is taking the world threat from Kim’s nuclear program seriously.  The real danger from NOK’s nuclear capability is their willingness to share it with Iran and other terrorist groups.  Someone may ultimately be able to restrain Kim, but terrorists have nothing to lose in the war on infidels.  They would willingly destroy the world in an effort to “cleanse” it for Islam.

Liberals and the media are quick to blame Trump’s tough talk and tweets for inciting Kim Jong Un.  But NOK has been on this path for several decades, long before Trump’s tweets.  President Trump is the first to truly recognize the dangers posed by this country and call it out.  Clinton, Obama and even W. Bush are responsible for “feeding the beast” and looking away from the evil brewing in that nation.  Even the Russians are aware of the risks from Kim’s behavior.  They (Russians) are performing their own military maneuvers along the border with NOK.  Perhaps Russia can exert more influence on NOK since a nuclear war in the region would have a devastating effect on Southern Russia.  I fear Kim is bold enough to launch a rocket on Hawaii or Guam, believing he already possesses the accuracy to do so.  If such an even takes place we will be left with no peaceful options.

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