Wishful Thinking

Members of The View were doing the happy dance yesterday over General Flynn’s guilty plea.  Flynn has ONLY been charged with lying to the FBI, not any other crimes at this point.  As Trump’s National Security Adviser Flynn was justified in talking with the Russian Ambassador.  I don’t understand why he had to deny those discussions to both the FBI and the Vice President.  If lying is a criminal offense then Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice should be behind bars for years to come.  In fact if the Pinnochio effect was for real, Hillary would not be able to support her own face!  Susan Rice told so many lies that she began to believe her own stories.  The FBI and special council has become a political hit force to take down Republicans.  The attitude of the women on The View has generally been adopted by the media.  They have already tried and convicted Trump of collusion despite a lack of evidence.  They are convinced that Flynn is going to “flip” and provide evidence that President Trump conspired with the Russians.  These same individuals who condemn Trump are willing to overlook the fact that Hillary and the DNC paid the Russians handsomely for a false dossier.  She then accepted millions of dollars for the rights to 20% of our uranium supplies.  With only the flimsiest of evidence this group continues to attack President Trump.

The media has become so biased that they are affecting how people (at least those that watch some of the cable news outlets and a few of the major networks) think on issues.  They have “poisoned the well” of public opinion by their continuous anti-Trump propaganda and personal beliefs.  Opinion polls are usually negative on issues that the media aggressively attacks.  I seldom hear any positive comments on stories such as the skyrocketing stock market or the low unemployment rate.  They (media) refuse to give Trump credit for any good news.  The gargantuan team that Mueller has assembled and the tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars going to his special council will not result in a Trump indictment.  As scripture says, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth when the final results are in.

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