NFL Failure

The NFL commissioner announced last week that the league will donate $89 million to social justice causes in an apparent effort to end player protests.  On Sunday 25 players in the league continued their demonstrations during the national anthem.  This “donation” appears to be a ransom or bride designed for convincing players to “behave.”  The league is losing fan support and viewer ratings have been dropping.  Even if players suddenly began standing once again, fan loyalty has already been damaged.  Respect for the flag should not be held hostage over some perceived cause.  Players have “poisoned the well” when it comes to fan good will.   My own position is that I will never watch another NFL game again and I don’t believe that I am alone in my feelings.   Roger Goodell should have taken forceful action at the very start and now he has let the protests get out of hand.  Colin Kaepernick who initiated these protests, was actually given an award by the ACLU for his “bravery.”  Let’s see Colin stand up to gunfire from ISIS or take on domestic terrorists before I call him brave.  He disrespects our nation’s true heroes, our military and first responders.  Kaepernick and those who have followed his lead disgust me and will never get the satisfaction of my watching them perform.  Roger Goodell has asked for an annual salary of $50 million, a personal plane and health benefits for his entire family.  That is an indication that the NFL has become too influential and powerful in our society.  NO ONE is worth $50 million a year, particularly when that individual is too cowardly to take a stand against players disrespecting our flag.  I think a fan boycott would perhaps return some sanity to a sport that pays its participants millions of dollars to entertain us.  Let’s get real, these players are not saving lives or making discoveries that will benefit mankind.  They are playing a GAME!

Whether we are talking Hollywood or the sporting world these elitists have a false sense of importance.  I will not subsidize the ridiculous sums of money they are paid and yet still claiming to be victims of social injustice.  If they truly believe that injustice exists then get off their knees and approach the problems with some solutions and perhaps some of that fat paycheck they receive!



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