UN Irrelevance

The United Nations was established at the end of World War II as a replacement for the failed League of Nations.  As with the League of Nations, the United Nations was established to encourage communication between nations in an effort to prevent major conflicts between members.  The initial charter was signed in June of 1945 and took effect in October of that year.  At its founding there were 51 member nations but that number now stands at 193.  In addition to maintaining international peace and security, the UN assumed the role of promoting human rights, social and economic development and protecting the environment.  Many feel that the UN is focusing more on the later roles than its initial role as international peacekeeper.  The UN has been largely ineffective in preventing the ethnic cleansing that took place in Eastern Europe much of the tribal warfare and genocide in Africa and the recent Russian aggression in Crimea and the Ukraine.  Any military action undertaken by the UN requires a unanimous vote by the Security Council consisting of 5 permanent members, Communist China, Russia, the UK and the U.S. and 10 non-permanent members that serve for a term of 2 years.   Any of the permanent members can veto a UN resolution and China and/or Russia have exerted their veto power on many occasions.  Funding for the UN is voluntary and is based on the financial capacity of each country.  For the 2016 year, the U.S. paid 22% of the UN’s budget of near $10 billion.  Despite our significant contribution to the funding for the UN, many Third World nations harbor hostility for the U.S. and its closest ally, Israel.  A coalition of Third World nations and the Russians passed a resolution in 1975 that declared Zionism to be racist.  That resolution stood until 1991 when it was rescinded.  They (UN) often side with the Palestinians in their continuous terrorist activities against the Israeli state.  They have had little to no effect on stopping or slowing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.  Although an admirable institution when it was created, the UN has lost credibility and relevance in its main peacekeeping role.

Nikki Haley has been a powerful advocate for American interests in both the General Assembly and the Security Council.  She has been a strong defender of Israel and has promoted the Trump agenda.  She is tenacious and fearless in attacking inequities and hypocrisy.  On multiple occasions she has confronted North Korea and informed them that we will not tolerate their continued bad behavior.  I’m old enough to remember the expression, “Given em Hell Harry,” in reference to President Truman.  Ambassador Haley is from the same mold and we can now say, “Give em Hell Haley!”

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