Opening the Net

Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 to end the regulation referred to as Net Neutrality.  Predictably the Left has attacked to reduce government control of internet providers claiming that this decision will result in higher service fees.  They also believe that some large internet companies will punish smaller competitors.  The liberal media feel that the likelihood of higher fees and limited services would disproportionately hurt the poor.  Before net neutrality Comcast was found guilty of slowing uploads (known as throttling) and AT&T was caught limiting access to certain sites to non-subscribers to one of their plans.  Concern that broadband providers would continue to interfere with services or block internet applications and content led the FCC to act.  The FCC ruled to classify broadband access as a telecommunications service in February of 2015.  By doing so they essentially made broadband communications a type of utility.  This action took a private sector enterprise and placed it under government control.  Such action is another example of government overreach.  The internet was not a government creation and does not belong under the thumb of government regulators.  I know of no government agency that operates as efficiently as businesses in the private sector.

Government employees are answerable to no one whereas a private business is held accountable to its shareholders and Board members.  President Trump’s appointee to be chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, ended net neutrality rules and the laws governing it.  This is part of the Presidents intention to end excessive government regulation.  Mr. Pai believes that less government control will encourage investment and innovation.  The free market built the internet and will continue to develop new ways to expand its potential.  That will not happen if a government agency is hindering private initiatives with burdensome regulations.  I have said it before but its truth is undeniable, “Government governs best that governs least.”


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