A Taxing Task

It looks as if the Republican tax bill will pass despite lockstep Democratic opposition.  The Dems oppose everything that President Trump wants to accomplish, regardless of benefit to the economy or the average American.  They have such total control over the media (with the exception of Fox News) that they have brainwashed people into believing that the bill is destined to help only the wealthy.  Chuck Schumer is upset because he will no longer be able to deduct the entire $59,000 he pays yearly in state and local taxes (SALT).  Several non-partisan organizations have said that the tax plan will benefit average families, especially those with children.  The increases in the standard deduction and generous child care benefits are definitely going to help a majority of Americans.  You can’t write a tax code that will help everyone and yet raise sufficient revenue to pay all of the government’s bills.  The Dems like to point out that the new bill will raise deficits $1.5 trillion over 10 years.  We are talking 10 years and that is assuming that there is no increase in GDP from the corporate tax cuts.  These will not only boost the economy but will likely result in repatriation of trillions of dollars now sitting in other more tax-friendly nations.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi try to portray everything that Republicans propose as helping the wealthy.  Chuck and his Democratic buddies get more donations from Hollywood elite, Silicon Valley and the Ivy League than do the Republicans.  Even many of the ultra-rich athletes like LeBron James proclaim their support for Democrat causes.  So which party is truly the party of the rich??  Donald Trump has more support from the working class than any Democrat in Congress.  Bernie Sanders attacks members of Trump’s Cabinet for their net worth.  Just how wealthy is Bernie Sanders whose entire work record is that of politician?  Politics today is second only to the drug cartels in illicit payments of money and gifts.  The loudest voices in the Democratic Party are the biggest hypocrites in either party.  I am looking forward to the 2018 elections when you will hear Dems trying to take credit for the expanding economy after passage of tax cuts.  The best weapon for Republicans running in 2018 will be the fact that tax reform passed without a single Democratic vote in the Senate.  Donald Trump will go down in history as the most effective, yet least appreciated of any president.

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