The Next Dem Disaster

Now that the Democrats have lost the tax cut battle, they are regrouping and planning to attack the continuing budget resolution.  They want an immediate DACA fix as part of any budget negotiations or they have threatened to “shut the government down.”  Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are convinced that any shutdown will fall on the shoulders of the Republicans who currently control Congress and the White House.  The last government shutdown was under a Democratic Congress and president yet the Dems managed to blame it on Republican intransigence.  So what makes them think that the party of obstruction and non-cooperation won’t get the blame this time.  Obama made the last shutdown as painful as possible for the average American.  Essential services will never be stopped no matter what Congress does or does not do.  I am so sick of the childishness of Schumer and his flock of mindless sheep who follow his every move.  Trump has more backbone than any president since Andrew Jackson.  In the past disputes were often settled by dueling.  Jackson reportedly survived wounds from both military AND civilian battles.

The program known as DACA was an illegal creation of Obama, one of his many illegal acts.  Obama broke laws repeatedly despite his proclamation as a Constitutional scholar.  What is so ridiculous about the DACA issue is that Trump has never said he wishes to expel the DACA children.  The only DACA immigrants that should and would be expelled are those who have broken the law or are members of MS-13.  There is no justification for keeping criminals in the country if they don’t belong here to begin with.  We need comprehensive immigration reform to include the DACA program.  Many of these immigrants are in meaningful jobs or attending universities and will be beneficial to our future.  Schumer and the irrational media are painting Trump and other Republicans as uncaring and outright racist.  If Dems are so much more sympathetic and caring, let them invite illegals into their homes and neighborhoods.  Instead many Dems live in gated communities or in mansions surrounded by WALLS.  Imagine that, bleeding heart Dems living behind walls when they vehemently oppose a wall along our border.  If the Dems want to shut down the government, bring it on!

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