True Colors

The General Assembly passed a non-binding resolution condemning the U.S. for moving our Embassy to Jerusalem and declaring that to be the capital of Israel.  From Biblical times the Jewish people have considered Jerusalem to be their spiritual and political capital.  From a practical standpoint, it was already serving as the Israeli capital and our own Congress passed legislation for that move over twenty years ago.  Three previous presidents, however lacked the courage to follow through with this act.  As was demonstrated by the UN vote many of our presumptive friends and allies do not agree with us.  The vote was quite lopsided 129 in favor of the condemnation, 9 opposed and 35 abstentions.  We have known that the Arab world hates both Israel and the U.S.  Much of that hatred is related to our staunch support for the state of Israel.  What is disturbing about the vote is that some of our major “allies” voted against us.  Britain, Germany and France all sided with the Arab world to condemn our action.  Perhaps these nations feared retaliatory terrorist attacks if they voted against this resolution.  If these countries wish to prevent the likelihood of future attacks they should change their refugee and immigration policies.  In case they were unaware,  Islamic terrorists hate them as well as America despite attempts at appeasement.  The long used excuse for not declaring Jerusalem as the Israeli capital has been that it will “hurt the peace process.”  Nothing that has been attempted thus far has found peace in the region.  It is doubtful that future attempts at peace will be any more successful than past efforts.  Both sides must want peace and the Palestinian concept of peace includes the dissolution of Israel and death of the Jewish people.

President Trump was right to threaten withholding funds to the UN and those countries who oppose us.  As the largest contributor to UN funding we should never be criticized for reasonable behavior.  We have the right to decide where our Embassy is located.  The host country should have a voice, but other nations need to mind their own business.  We don’t dictate to other countries what to do in similar circumstances.  Many Americans have long felt that our foreign aid is often wasted in countries that abuse women and suppress human rights.   We are justified in cutting or eliminating some aid.  “America first” should address the needs of Americans who lack many of the basic necessities.  Use our aid dollars to “aid” Americans in need.  Our “friends” in the UN have shown their true colors and it is time they pay their own way.

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