Yet Another Example

One of my favorite actors, Tom Hanks has suddenly lost some of his glitter.  I’m so tired of the Hollywood elite trying to take the moral “high ground” and attack President Trump.  I don’t know if Hanks was asked to visit the White House, but he preemptively stated that he will not premier his latest movie at the White House.  It seems Tom, like many other actors and actresses, dislike our president.  The old expression, “You can’t please everybody,” is very true, particularly in politics.  There is another saying that goes, “If you try to please everyone you will please no one.”  Donald Trump appeared to empathize with the average American and sensed their anger and frustration.  Politicians in Washington have always made promises during election campaigns and then failed to deliver once in office.  Trump was a non-politician with a proven record of making good on promises.  He was a model for the American dream: someone who worked hard and succeeded.  The private sector rewards accomplishments not promises.  He also related to the working class by his tough talk and occasional soft profanity.  Politicians were appalled by this behavior but average citizens loved it.  Since winning the election the self-righteous media and movie moguls have been extremely critical of the President.  Surveys reveal that 90% of the news regarding President Trump is negative but by my own observation that number is even higher.  I thought our previous president was the worst in my lifetime.  His accomplishments included doubling our national debt, sucking up to Iran and allowing ISIS to grow into a world threat while emasculating our own military.   My opinions were shared with friends, but never expressed in public for everyone to hear.  I really wish actors, actresses and comedians would stick to their stock & trade, leaving politics alone.  Recent movies suggest they can’t even do that well.  Washington does a good enough job of screwing things up without the help of Hollywood.

The President and average American could care less how Hollywood feels.  Most Americans are worried about their next paycheck and providing for their families.  Hollywood has no concept of the everyday struggles of Americans.  Tom Hanks and other stars may well suffer the same fate as the NFL, decreased attendance and revenue.  Trump and his supporters will ultimately be successful while the liberal Left will grow increasingly irrelevant.  Another of my favorite sayings goes as follows:  “It is best to be quiet and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt!”

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