Swamp Fights Back

John Brennan the former CIA Director came to the defense of FBI attorney James Baker and FBI agent Andrew McCabe.  Both are on the hotseat for being unduly partisan in situations that called for independence.  Brennan not only defended the integrity of these individuals but also accused President Trump of behavior that was characteristic of a narcissistic, vengeful autocrat.  That was only the latest verbal assault on the President and his advisers.  After serving in high positions under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Brennan resigned shortly after Trump won the 2016 presidential election.  He accused Trump of being woefully inexperienced in international affairs.  Apparently Brennan has a short memory because Barack Obama knew nothing of international affairs (as well as domestic affairs).  Obama was the worst president ever in dealing with foreign nations, bowing to international leaders and apologizing for America’s accomplishments.  Brennan helped to craft the “Obama Doctrine” that Trump is now trying to undo.  To add insult to injury Brennan is also criticizing members of Trump’s Cabinet and close confidants.  He disparaged Trump’s top generals Mattis, Kelley and McMaster as being enablers.  The President is fortunate to have these military experts on his team and Brennan’s attack reflects how unprofessional and partisan the former CIA Director is.  Under Obama’s tenure the entire Department of Justice was highly politicized.  When people like Brennan openly assail the country’s leadership they weaken our position when dealing with both allies and adversaries.  I think Brennan and Obama were actually isolationists, withdrawing America from its role as a world power.

President Trump is “righting the ship” from the previous Captain and his first mate.  His actions are not irrational but are quite the opposite.  He “played” the 12 other Republican candidates to win the nomination and then won an election that all the experts did not think possible.  He has surrounded himself with highly qualified, self-confident individuals.  Trump’s success in business and politics indicates he knows how to accept advice when indicated but to be independent and decisive when necessary.  He speaks his mind and counterpunches when besieged by his opponents or the press.  Washington is not used to this type of behavior but the swamp had best get used to it.  A tiger can’t change its stripes so the media and Congress best stock up on Valium!

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