End of ISIS

Although the major news networks continue to be silent on accomplishments of the Trump Administration, the army of ISIS has essentially been “annihilated” as promised by candidate Trump.  The army under the ISIS black banner once numbered an estimated 35,000 and controlled large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria.  They struck fear into the hearts of civilians, particularly Christians, in the region.  Beheadings and mass executions were commonplace when ISIS captured territories.  Christians were forced to pledge loyalty to Islam or were slaughtered.  The number of Christians in Iraq and Syria plunged as large numbers fled the area or were sacrificed for their faith.  Under President Obama any military actions had to be approved up the chain of command and there was always great concern for civilian casualties.  Many of the decisions of “go or no-go” were made by leaders far removed from the actual battle zone.  People within ISIS-controlled territory wanted American airstrikes and coalition military assaults.  These hapless civilians begged to be freed from the barbarian rule of ISIS regardless of the cost.  Military engagements within civilian-populated areas will necessarily involve civilian casualties.  ISIS often used civilians as “shields” during attacks and had no regard for human life.  President Trump was quick to recognize that the officers on the ground were the best judges of where and when to mount an assault.  Such decisions turned the tide and unleashed the greatest military in the world.  It is estimated that ISIS soldiers now number less than 1000 and they have surrendered 98% of the territory they once held.

Although the media doesn’t want to recognize one of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments, his base supporters love it.  By eliminating the ISIS threat the world is safer and there will be fewer refugees for countries in the region to absorb.  The threat still exists for radicalization within America and European countries.  The few remaining ISIS soldiers have fled to other countries where they still wish to harm freedom-loving people.  Other radical groups still exist as well and we must remain vigilant.  The 90% negative coverage of President Trump in the media will never permit them to praise any of the President’s successes.  Thank God we have a president who truly wishes to “make America great again.”

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