Presidential Health

Some of the details of the President’s physical have been made public (namely the medications he takes).  The media will utilize this information to say that the President is physically incapable of carrying out his duties.  They have already attacked his mental stability in declaring him unfit for the presidency.  The relentless attacks on the President make me sick.  Considering the current state of world affairs, this is the MOST capable president in my lifetime.  The media can’t deal with Trump’s success thus far and will NEVER pause in their relentless assault on him.  If you ask my opinion, the news reporters are the ones who have psychiatric issues.  They all suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.  I am not a psychiatrist, but there is no indication that the President is unstable.  My own gut reaction when someone questions my intelligence or integrity is to strike back.  Does that make me or anyone else who defends themself unstable?  The media made a big issue of the fact that Trump is on cholesterol medication and a baby aspirin.  That does not mean he has heart disease, quite the contrary.  A baby aspirin is what is known as “primary prevention” meaning that both of these help prevent heart attacks.  The other medications are finasteride (to treat male pattern baldness) and the antibiotic tetracycline to treat rosacea (also known as adult acne).  It is no secret that the President is a little vain and would probably view baldness as some sort of deficiency.  Chronic antibiotic therapy is generally not recommended but if taken as a “low dose” side effects are minimal.  There are topical creams and ointments that may help but oral antibiotics are the most effective.

At the age of 71 the President is actually taking far fewer medications than the average person his age.  Many people his age take 8-10 medicines or more.  The increase in longevity for Americans is more the result of improved pharmacology than any other factor.  It certainly is not lifestyle since some “bad habits” seem to have gotten worse.  Obesity is a greater issue than ever and smoking, alcohol and drugs are still prominent health problems.  The President is overweight but avoids the other “sins” of society.  It is actually recommended by some clinicians that we be a little overweight in our later years.  The elderly are subject to chronic illnesses that can alter appetite and the desire for food.

The President is reported to sleep 4-5 hours each night.  The traditional recommendation is 8 hours of sleep each night.  Sleep research has shown us that the early hours of sleep are the most beneficial.  The first hours of sleep are disproportionately spent in the deeper stages that are critical to our physical restoration.  Our actual need for sleep varies from person to person.  If we awaken refreshed and are able to optimally perform our daily tasks then we are “sleeping enough.”  As for the President, I have every confidence that he is mentally and physically capable of dealing with our domestic and international crises.  Those in the media need some Valium and get back to reporting fact not rumor.

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