Rise & Fall of Steve Bannon

Stephen Bannon was a relatively unknown in political circles prior to the 2016 presidential race.  He is an unashamed conservative who rose to the position of Executive Chairman of Breitbart News with the death of its founder Andrew Breitbart in 2012.  Breitbart News is a Right Wing news outlet established to counter the liberal bias of the major media outlets.  Bannon’s interest in politics began in 1980 when he became intrigued with then President Reagan’s successful election to the White House.  He has been a Republican supporter over the years, but in Donald Trump Bannon saw the second coming of Ronald Reagan.  Both were Washington outsiders, both appealed to the “forgotten” working class and both faced a global threat.  For Reagan that threat was communism and Russia and for Trump the enemy was terrorism and ISIS.  Like Reagan Bannon recognized that Trump appealed to and connected with the working class.  While some in Trump’s campaign wished to “tone him down” Bannon was quick to recommended allowing “Trump to be Trump.”  The two developed a friendship after meeting in 2012.  In August of 2016 the campaign for president was floundering so Trump asked Bannon to serve as his campaign manager.  Although he appears “rough around the edges” and often employs “colorful” language, Bannon is an intelligent and ambitious man.  Stephen Bannon served as an officer in the Navy for 4 years and after his discharge went on to obtain an MBA at the Harvard Business School.  He worked as an investment banker and sponsored several political films, the most important of those was “In the Face of Evil” about his hero, President Reagan.  Bannon first met Andrew Breitbart while working on the film.  He was hired to work at Breitbart where he eventually became the Executive Chairman before assuming his position in the Trump campaign.

One of President Trump’s first decisions following his election was to name Bannon as his chief strategist and senior adviser.  In this position Bannon was incendiary, creating conflict with the Trump family.  He also became “larger than life” claiming credit for President Trump’s election victory.  The President loudly discounted this idea stating that he (Trump) was responsible for the win.  Donald ran a dizzying campaign of countless campaign stops and rallies and justifiably deserves the credit for winning not Steve Bannon.  General John Kelly replaced Bannon but Steve was allowed to save face by “resigning.”  In an effort to protect his self-esteem, Bannon announced that he could be more effective by supporting candidates through his position at Breitbart.   Bannon recently stepped down at Breitbart when he was quoted in “Fire and Fury” the Michael Wolff book on the Trump WH.  Bannon was quoted as accusing Don Jr as treasonous and questioning Ivanka’s intelligence.  Stephen Bannon has gone from the ultimate high of the White House to the disgraced low of leaving Breitbart.  He apologized to President Trump but there is no love for the real “traitor” in the White House.  As a declared Catholic, Bannon should be familiar with the scripture, “He who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

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