End of Racism

The media predictably has focused on another negative story regarding statements made by President Trump.  With the exception of Fox News the major media outlets are devoting much of their reporting to statements the President supposedly made during a “closed door” meeting at the White House.   The meeting included 23 members of Congress and several of Trump’s staff.   Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin were present at the meeting to present a DACA compromise to the President.  Following the meeting Durbin, the Democratic Senator from Illinois went to reporters and informed them that President Trump referred to Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations as shitholes. and that we were accepting too many immigrants from these countries.  In 2013 Graham himself made similar statements regarding immigrants from “hellholes.”  Of all those in attendance, Durbin was the only attendee who found it necessary to speak with the media.  Perhaps Durbin saw this as an opportunity to gain political advantage for himself or the Democratic party.   The Lindsay/Durbin proposal was nowhere near what the President had asked for and could have led to Durbin’s “leaking” the President’s comments.  Durbin further stated that the President made racist comments regarding immigrants.  The media painted Trump as a racist from Day 1, but Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, believes otherwise.  She supports Trump and has said on multiple occasions that the President is not a racist.  The media loves “dirty laundry” on Trump and continues to ignore all the accomplishments of the Trump presidency in its first year.

The party that brought you the KKK and Jim Crow laws (Democratic Party) continues to label Republicans and our President as racist.  The Democratic playbook focuses on the “racist” attack when they have no other strategy.  The Dems want minorities to ignore that under Trump black unemployment is the lowest since statistics have been kept, that the stock market is reaching new heights and that 2/3 of Americans think the economy is good or great.  I’m still amazed that blacks & latinos can’t see that the Dems only want their votes.  Democratic programs to help minorities advance out of poverty are lacking but social program entitlements are plentiful.  The Dems want minorities to be dependent on big government which they (Dems) believe will allow them to retain power.  When everything is racism, nothing is racism.  The Dems have cried wolf (racism) so often that the word itself is meaningless.  Let’s all be color blind and allow opportunity and effort to be the deciding factors in success.

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