TDS on Steroids

Millions of residents in Hawaii were frightened by a mistaken alert that a missile was on its way to the islands.  The alert was sent as a text message to cell phones and other devices, ending with “This is not a drill.”  Fortunately this was an error committed by a state employee during a change of shift (as if that were an excuse).  A corrected statement was not sent out for nearly an hour.  Since the de-escalation of tensions with Russia under Reagan, fallout shelters are only a memory so there are no “safe” places in which to hunker down in the event of a nuclear attack.  Rather than being upset, some residents actually used the situation as a practice drill for a possible real life scenario.  The fact that some could look at this as a learning experience others were looking for scapegoats.  Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard placed blame for the mistake on President Trump.  She was quickly joined by a number of Hollywood elites saying essentially the same thing.  Gabbard accused Trump of not taking North Korea seriously and ending the nuclear threat from them.  These are the same individuals who only months ago were accusing Trump of triggering WWIII for talking tough to Kim Jong Un.  If you are looking to place blame for the North Korean nuclear program it doesn’t lie with President Trump.  Bill Clinton was the first president to pass the buck on North Korea to George Bush.  Bush was no more confrontational than his predecessor and then passed the issue onto Barack Obama.  Obama encouraged the North Korean regime by emasculated our military and making huge concessions to Iran in his desire for a nuclear “deal” with them.  By the end of Obama’s presidency America looked weak and would be unwilling to stand up to Kim or any other rogue nation.  The entire mess was then dropped into President Trump’s lap.  Only Trump supporters and advisors will acknowledge that Trump is the ONLY one doing something about the threat.

Apparently West Coast liberals have been smoking too much legal weed because Trump is the solution, not the problem.  They are suffering from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  They would be wise to prepare for a potential nuclear attack because Kim Jong Un has California in his crosshairs.  Everyone should be grateful that Trump is our president.; he is restoring our military and missile defense systems.  By deploying three carrier groups off the coast of the Korean peninsula he is displaying his resolve to halt the Korean threat.  In case the liberals are wearing blinders, Iran is on the same path as North Korea.  If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it!

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