Media Madness

President Trump underwent a thorough physical earlier this month and to the dismay of the media, he (Trump) was declared in excellent health.  In addition to routine lab work and EKG the President underwent other more extensive procedures that are not usually included with most physicals.  An echocardiogram and stress echo were performed that showed all heart chambers and valves were normal.  The pumping ability of the heart (known as the ejection fraction) was normal and heart function was normal even under stress (stress echo).  A CT scan of the chest (usually performed to look for masses) was normal and results of a colonoscopy from 2013 were completely normal.  The President’s total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (known as the bad cholesterol) were elevated slightly and the White House physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson, recommended that the dose of rosuvastatin be increased to 20mg.  The President was overweight (a common finding in most Americans) probably secondary to poor dietary choices.  President Trump even requested a special cognitive evaluation to address the media’s concern over his mental state.  Once again the President was declared “fit for office.”  Admiral Jackson was instructed by the President to answer any and all questions in a press briefing.

For fifty minutes the press asked ludicrous questions of the WH physician.  Keep in mind that Dr. Jackson was not someone Trump hired in order to receive a favorable report card.  This is the same physician who cared for Presidents Bush and Obama.  Admiral Jackson’s rank suggests that his integrity is unquestionable.  Since his election, the media has attacked the President’s physical and mental fitness.  As Dr. Jackson admitted, the President’s lifestyle could use some improvement in the form of a better diet and exercise.  The press asked how the President could be so “healthy” with his love of KFC and McDonalds.  Dr. Jackson’s reply “good genetics” is something that medical professionals know all too well.  Family history is critical in determining our fate, but President Trump has never smoked, drank alcohol or done illicit drugs.  To paraphrase an old saying, “Genetics isn’t everything, it is the only thing.”  I’m sure all of this information will not satisfy the media.  I believe “media madness” is a disease of the liberal Left and their buddies in the press and national networks.

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