Shutdown Shame

The federal government is headed for yet another disgraceful shutdown.  One of the primary functions of Congress is the allocation of funds to government agencies permitting the delivery of essential services and activities.  Those essential activities include building and operating a military force and managing all of the various social entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  Congress constructs a budget for the upcoming fiscal year that runs from October through September of the following year.  The federal budget for 2018 should have been completed in September 2017,  instead multiple “continuing resolutions” have funded the government based on the previous budget.  President Trump has set distinct priorities from President Obama and a Trump budget should look dramatically different from an Obama budget.  Congress has been divided for many years and it appears that division has only gotten worse in recent years.  Congressional members seem more intent on preventing the opposition from “winning” on any given issue rather than doing what is best for America.  Instead of serving the electorate, politicians are more concerned with serving their own needs.  Resistance is not a policy and of no interest to the average American.  Shutting down the government creates a degree of uncertainty and chaos.

The President has made it pretty clear what he wants on the DACA issue.  DACA enrollees can remain in the U.S. and continue to work and attend school.  In return the President wants an end to chain migration, the VISA lottery and funding for a wall barrier along our southern border.  President Trump has said that a wall isn’t needed everywhere but in areas without natural barriers a wall will prevent the inflow of illegal human and drug traffic.  I think Chuck Schumer is being naive if he feels Republicans will be blamed for a shutdown.  In the Senate the Republicans have only 51 out of the necessary 60 votes required for passage of any bill.  Thus at least 9 Democratic votes are needed to pass a budget.  If all Dems remain lockstep “no’s” then who do you think will receive the blame?  Everyone is sick of partisan politics and childish behavior.  Without a real budget the military can’t purchase weapons systems and make strategic plans for the defense of America.  What kind of message are we sending our adversaries when those managing the reigns of power are so dysfunctional.

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