Leaning Left

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Left and their socialistic agenda.  Chuck Schumer is taking heat from this group for his willingness to compromise on the issue of DACA.  Although the current DACA executive order remains in effect through early March, liberals are insistent that the “dreamers” have immediate amnesty.  It isn’t fair for these individuals to live in the shadows, fearing possible deportation.  No one, including President Trump, is proposing to deport those enrolled in the DACA program and therefore their insecurity is unjustified.  Many of these dreamers are attending school and others are productively employed.  Several hundred of them are serving in the military (a fact the Left is constantly emphasizing).  President Trump and most Republicans are in favor of amnesty to a degree since these illegals had no role in entering the country to begin with.  The extreme leftest ideology within the Democratic party has adopted illegal immigration as their sole campaign issue.  They not only want amnesty for dreamers, but they wish to protect all undocumented immigrants by designating large cities (and in some cases states) as sanctuaries for those who have entered illegally.  Chuck Schumer has been carrying the banner for DACA enrollees and willingly shut down the government over the issue despite the fact it was totally unnecessary.  When the liberal press surprisingly blamed the shutdown on the Dems, Schumer realized that he had made a serious mistake.  There are 10 Democratic Senators up for re-election in “red” states that were won by President Trump in 2016.  Schumer’s intransigence was jeopardizing the fate of those 10 Senate seats in the 2018 elections.  At that point the politically expedient choice was to accept the continuing resolution (without a DACA solution) constructed by a bipartisan group of Senators.

Americans are in favor of an honorable DACA solution but they are also in favor of tougher border security.  The calculated gamble by Chuck Schumer was a failure and now he is under fire from members of both parties.  He brazenly stated that he will no longer support funding the border wall that President Trump (and the American electorate) want.  I’m confident any solution that does not include funding for a border wall will be flatly rejected.  I’m afraid that the Feb 8 deadline will find us once again facing a potential government shutdown.  The border wall was part of the mandate that elected Donald Trump and I don’t see that changing.  The President is a man of his word and has already proven that.  If Chuck Schumer hasn’t learned anything from the latest fiasco, then he is sure to repeat his previous mistake.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

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