You’re Fired

The President is receiving widespread praise from many world political and business leaders at the World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland.  The lead story in the media today, however, is that Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller over the Russian collusion probe.  The entire probe was built on a series of lies concocted by Fusion GPS and led to the inappropriate surveillance of Trump campaign and family members.  There should never have been a special counsel and Mueller was not the “knight in shiny armor” that he was painted to be.  Members of both parties praised Mueller’s selection to the position of special counsel citing his integrity and impartiality.  However Mueller was the Director of the FBI while the Clinton Foundation received millions in donations for blatant “pay for play” consideration.  He was also FBI Director at the time Uranium One was sold to a Russian consortium giving them access to 20% of our uranium stores.  Mueller could have blocked the sale or at least raised concerns of national security.  Trump had reason to fire Mueller because his past favorable treatment of the Clintons suggested bias.  The bottom line is that Mr. Mueller was allowed to continue wasting taxpayer dollars on a dead end investigation.

The economy is expanding, doubling the GDP that was seen with the previous administration.  Domestic and foreign companies are investing in America and employees are receiving bonuses and wage increases.  Yet the media is unwilling to give any praise or credit to a president they despise.  Average Americans are reaping the benefits of having a businessman in the White House.  I find President Trump refreshing and also rewarding because he is cutting through the political games and getting results.  The media’s constant attacks are going to make them less relevant in the eyes of a working class that is seeing bottom-line benefits.  If it were up to me I would have told Robert Mueller, “You’re fired” months ago.

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