Citizenship = Racism

The President outlined a plan that would provide 1.8 million illegals a path to citizenship.  In exchange the President wants $25 billion for border security (including more border agents) and the “wall” as well as an end to the VISA lottery and a limit to chain migration.  He proposes limiting the “chain” to the nuclear family (spouse and dependent children) only.  Additional VISAs would not be given to parents, siblings etc.  Despite my conservative values this sounds like a reasonable compromise that should satisfy most conservatives and liberals.  The majority of the “dreamers” consider America their home and I can’t see deporting them or denying them the opportunity to eventually become citizens.  I see objections to this plan coming from ultra conservatives who feel that we illegals should not rewarded for breaking the law.  The strongest opposition to “amnesty” is often from immigrants who went through the prolonged, costly process of entering the country legally.  The Democrats, however, interpret the President’s outline in a different way.  Nancy Pelosi says that Trump’s plan is intended to “make America white again.”  She and others say this is a racist plan despite the fact that the President is offering citizenship to almost 2 million people who entered illegally.  The Democrats always resort to the “racist” card when they have no viable alternative to a Republican proposal.  When will minorities realize that the Democrats “race bait” them into believing that Republicans are racists?  A review of history tells a different story and suggests that the Democrats are the real racists.  The Democrats founded the KKK and pushed through Jim Crow laws in the post-Civil War South.  The Dems used voter intimidation to keep blacks from using their newly-granted right to vote.  If the Dems are so concerned for minorities why was black unemployment so high under a Democratic Administration?  Inner city poverty and violence has been on the upswing in most big cities despite all the government assistance pouring into poor urban areas.  The Dems have neglected inner city public schools yet oppose school vouchers that would permit students to attend private schools.

The solution to poverty is jobs and education.  The Republicans are job creators and in just one year President Trump has lowered black unemployment to its lowest rate ever recorded.  It is obvious that the Dems employ the politics of division: white vs black and rich vs poor, because their ideas and policies have failed.  Every American wants the same thing regardless of their race or socioeconomic status:  a decent job, safe neighborhood and a chance for their children to be successful.  Trump has an agenda to make America prosperous and secure.  Unfortunately the media is perpetuating the Democrats’ propaganda and lies.  I agree with the President that the media is often the enemy of the people due to their blatant bias.  The average American is not stupid and they are seeing the results of a true “president of the people.”

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