Lowest of the Low

A high school teacher in California referred to those serving in the military as the “lowest of the low.”  The teacher implied that those serving were failures at other endeavors.  I assume the teacher was attempting to discourage students from choosing the armed services as a primary option upon graduation.  As a former member of our armed services I was highly insulted by this teacher’s opinion.  I can imagine those graduating from West Point and Annapolis are equally insulted.  Graduates of these service academies are actually the “best of the best” and undergo extensive scrutiny before being selected to the limited positions at these prestigious institutions.  Our totally volunteer service guarantees that those entering military service are dedicated, patriotic and qualified.  Today’s battlefield has evolved from the sword and shield; modern weapons are high-tech instruments of war.  Not everyone is capable of being today’s soldier, sailor or airman.  Our volunteer service guarantees certain standards and the “lowest of the low” would not be selected for the crucial task of defending our nation.  President Trump has pointed out that the safety and security of our citizens is the number one role of government.  Every other function of government is secondary to protecting its people from foreign and domestic violence.  The President is constantly praising the vital role that our police and armed services play in the well being of our society.

The ancient Romans were early supporters of choosing its most qualified men to serve in their armies and they were able to create perhaps the greatest empire in history.  Military service is honorable and teaches responsibility, leadership and purpose.  I am proud of my military service and I’m sure most other vets feel similarly.  America is the greatest nation on earth because the best of society were not afraid to come forward and do whatever was necessary to protect its citizens.  Our military forces don’t discriminate and defend the freedoms of all Americans, even uninformed, unappreciative people like Mr. Salcido.  This is the land of the free because of our brave and intelligent men and women in uniform!

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