Bites the Hand

Associate Deputy Director Andrew McCabe abruptly resigned only months before his full retirement date.  His resignation is likely related to recent revelations of bias within the highest levels of the FBI.  The House Intelligence Committee has been digging into the Clinton email investigation in which McCabe played a role.  He was also implicated in the so-called “insurance policy” to undermine the Trump presidency.  Hillary Clinton broke numerous laws when she set up her own personal internet server rather than using the secure government server.  She then sent and received classified government emails over this server, including emails to and from President Obama.  It should have been obvious that she was using a private server when her emails did not end with “.gov” yet no one reported it or attempted to stop her.  When FBI Director James Comey began his investigation into the email controversy Attorney General Loretta Lynch relinquished prosecutory authority to Comey.  This was totally inappropriate because the role of the FBI is to investigate whereas prosecution is the function of the Department of Justice.  Text messages from FBI agents have indicated that Lynch and Comey never intended to prosecute Clinton regardless of her criminal activities.  Comey, McCabe, Stryzk, Rosenstein and others were complicit in minimizing Clinton’s lawlessness while engineering a bogus “collusion” dossier on candidate Trump.  McCabe will technically remain in his position because of his accumulated personal leave until his retirement date in March.  He will likely maintain a “low key” approach since he has disgraced the once proud FBI and tainted its reputation.

It is extremely ironic that the special counsel into presumptive collusion by President Trump is uncovering widespread collusion and wrongdoing within the Justice Department and FBI.  After nearly a year the Special Counsel has failed to find any collusion between the President and the Russians.  Countless taxpayer dollars have been wasted on a dead end investigation.  The indictments to date have been unrelated to any Russian collusion.  Paul Manafort was indicted for money laundering that took place years before the Trump campaign.  General Flynn was entrapped for lying over wiretapped conversations in Trump Tower.  President Trump should not allow Mr. Mueller to question him since this is another obvious trap to trick the President into making a misstatement.  If he contradicts information gained through wiretaps then he will be guilty of the same crime as General Flynn.  Donald Trump is president solely due to his own efforts and not from any Russian intervention.  Putin would likely have preferred a Clinton presidency since she gave preferential treatment to him while serving as Secretary of State.  The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in exchange for special consideration including the sale of 20% of our uranium supplies.  Clinton would have been beholden to Putin and could have been blackmailed over her Foundation activities.  The Dems call for a Special Counsel is coming back to bite them in the butt.  As scripture has taught us, you reap what you sow!

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